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Jessica Hauptmann

ToPS Coach

Jessica Hauptmann

Jessica Hauptmann is a Practice Advisor who is known for her “can do attitude” and has trained dental teams for over a decade. Jessica is often praised for her method of getting results through people by meeting them where they are and bringing out their personal best. She has worked in every area in a dental practice that doesn't require a dental license. Jessica has experience with coaching private practices and group practices.

Teams who have worked with Jessica say she makes a positive impact in their lives from her training and coaching technique and her smile enters the room before she does. When asked what Jessica enjoys most about coaching dental teams, she simply states she loves the dental field because of the transformation it makes in people’s lives and she has the opportunity to partner with teams who are a part of this!

Jessica was raised in the Midwest where her family resides. When she’s not working you will find her listening to books on audio while enjoying the outdoors, hitting the trail with her dog Layla, camping, or on the lake, spending time with family and friends.

What Clients Say About Jessica:

  • “She listened to what I wanted and delivered!”
  • “She’s an engaging trainer!”
  • “I love her coaching style.”
  • “My practice has never felt better or been more profitable.”

“I live in the DFW area with my husband and two teenage kids. When I’m not with my family or supporting our amazing ToPS clients, I enjoy hiking, camping, stand-up paddlesboarding, as well as being outside in nature. On the weekends I volunteer time hiking for a nonprofit women’s group and walking foster dogs from Fort Worth Animal Control.”

Image 1 Above:  “The Wilsons: My husband Jason, my son Troy, my daughter Taylor and our four legged kiddos (Hobbs, Drexal, and GiGi).”

Image 2 Above:  “There are 423 national parks in the United States of America and my biggest dream (and a goal I am slowly conquering) is to be able to visit all of them. My most recent national park adventure was Yellowstone National Park and I had the pleasure of seeing Old Faithful go off.”

Image 3 Above:  “I love a good Chicago Style Hot Dog!”

Image 4 Above:  “My love for nature! I hike every weekend. In fact, I hiked over 1200 miles in 2021. In this particular picture my soul found its way to the Redwood National Park to roam some miles.”

Image 5 Above:  “Beating the sun as it was rising on the Enchanted Rock (state park in Austin, TX) with my most favorite people, my family!”