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Should You Be Insurance Free? 

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Should You Be Insurance Free?

The Secrets to Going “Insurance Independent”

The Secrets to Going “Insurance Independent”

What Attendees Are Saying About Should You Be Insurance Free?...


The TOPS INSURANCE FREE course is something every dental office should take. This is the direction you want to take your practice but you just don’t know it yet. Amazing!! - David Benson, DMD

"Wow!! What a weekend full of some amazing information. I had the opportunity to listen to the amazing Team talking about “Should you be insurances Free?” Well I’m so excited to take this information back to our team and how we can incorporate this in the future of our office!! I laughed, smiled and had personal time with the amazing team to help us through this process. If your thinking of dropping insurance please take this course to guide you and walk you through the steps  that can help your practice like they helped ours! Thank you thank you for All the new and awesome individuals for this experience and new friendships built along the way!!!"


The ToPS team is fantastic!! The “Should You Be Insurance Free?” course was enlightening for me and my team. It has allowed us to weigh our options, evaluate our financial status, and practice our verbal skills confidently to become an “unrestricted provider!” - Carrie Rottman, RDH

"The possibility of becoming insurance free is really more of a strong probability to a certainty if it's done the right way. [ToPS] made it a certainty by teaching it the right way. If ever anyone feels weighed down by the roadblocks set up by insurance companies not reaching the level of fulfillment that they've always wanted, they NEED this course."

Worth the investment!

"Should you be Insurance Free? You can absolutely do it! This 1.5 day seminar gives you and your team the tools to do just that! It’s worth the investment of both time and money. You can move away from the chains of network contracts, increase your profits and most importantly take better care of your patients. Take the next step!"- Lela Perkins, DDS

“Should I be insurance free?” by ToPS was tremendously helpful to me and my team. The resources that they provide to help with this transition for my practice are absolutely incredible! I am sure many of us want what’s best for our patients and what is best for our team and this course helps in understanding how that can be possible. It is wonderful to see how the ToPS team really has a genuine interest in helping us reach our individual visions. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and time with us!"


Strategize with the ToPS Coaching Team and top practices around the country to determine:

1. The answer for your specific practice for the road ahead: Contracted or Insurance FREE

2. Secrets from practices that have made the move successfully and how you can do the same to A) increase new patients, B) boost profitability, C) deliver quality care, and D) reduce stress!

During this information-packed event for your entire team, you’ll discover:

  • The Formula for determining if your practice is ready to go insurance free TODAY.
  • The critical numbers you need to know BEFORE you make a decision to change your contracted status.
  • The math formula for going insurance free. Does the math work for your practice? Know before you go.
  • The 5 Biggest Mistakes practices make when going insurance free and how to avoid them.
  • The marketing budget for a contracted vs an insurance free practice and where to get the best return on investment.
  • Expanding your financial arrangements strategy to collect 100% AND give your patients more ways to say YES to treatment.
  • Patient retention secrets for practices going insurance free.
  • What you should NEVER do if you are going to change your contracted status with any insurance company.
  • What to say and what NOT to say to patients if you are going to change your contacted status.
  • Claims and reimbursement secrets whether you are contracted or not.
  • “Do you take may insurance?” Secrets of responding to your patients’ insurance concerns successfully.

The ToPS Coaching team has successfully guided practices through the process of going insurance free for years including making the critical decision based on the correct data analysis and navigating the process for maximum patient retention and practice growth. Learn their secrets and strategies for the success of your practice now and in the future.

Develop your strategy for successfully navigating today’s changing dental insurance landscape, grow your practice, and increase your profitability.

Reminder: Use “gear” icon at bottom of video to watch at double speed, if desired.

Reminder: Use “gear” icon at bottom of video to watch at double speed, if desired.

Should You Be Insurance Free? 


Nov 18-19, 2022

(in-person, 2-day seminar)


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