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ToPS Total Immersion

Total Immersion Skills Training

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Start with the Right Foundation

Change happens in one of two ways: Revolution and Evolution. At ToPS, we believe in both—in that order.

Most teams start their journey to the “top” by going through the ToPS Total Immersion experience together to uncover new practice possibilities. Total Immersion is designed to take your team to new heights in:

  1. teamwork, harmony, and accountability
  2. verbal skills for better case acceptance
  3. practice systems for more consistent, predictable results

During this entertaining, information-packed experience for your entire team, you’ll discover:

  • The Natural Laws of dental case acceptance and which ones apply to you and your practice.
  • Why your best efforts are blocked until you act on the 3 Secret Natural Laws of Change.
  • The #1 obstacle to case acceptance and the biggest secret Natural Law to blasting through it.
  • How to tap into the most powerful Natural Laws of patient decision making.
  • The five things you must do with every patient in every interaction to get a “yes.”
  • Why you don’t have “permission to proceed” with diagnosis and treatment planning until you do this first with every patient. Find out what it is...
  • The one secret that unlocks the door to unbelievable levels of case acceptance and increased production.
  • The myth of the “patient centered practice” and what you can do about it.
  • The Natural Law of Knowledge and the 3 knowledge tools that will fundamentally change how your patients respond to your treatment recommendations.
  • The most underutilized case acceptance document in dentistry.
  • The “missing link” to case acceptance that most practices totally overlook.
  • The three areas you must watch with every patient, every day to keep your case acceptance on the rise.
  • Do this, and your patient will always repeat and refer. Do THAT and they’ll never come back. Why most practices are doing “THAT” and they don’t know it.
  • The four secret skills you must master TODAY before you make another treatment recommendation.
  • How to increase your new patient flow by a minimum of 50% at no extra cost.
  • Why dental teams fail and what you can do to make sure yours doesn’t.

In-Person Total Immersion Dates:

Sep 22–23, 2022

(in-person, 2-day seminar)


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Oct 20–21, 2022

(in-person, 2-day seminar)


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Online Total Immersion Dates:

ONLINE Total Immersion

Friday, Nov 11, 2022

(online, 1-day seminar)


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Our Clients Say About Total Immersion:

Shane Ferguson

Office Manager | Sylvania OH

“GO! This is what every Doctor and team needs to hear. The knowledge gained will help you excel tremendously and if practiced consistently, patients will perceive value like never before.”

Vanessa Green

RDH | Greenwood IN

“Great motivation, tips, and ideas to help run a successful office and household! The ToPS team kept the whole classes alive for two days.”

Karri Lynch

Business Assistant | Madison WI

“It’s a great investment for enriching your team!”

Marissa P. Mandap

DMD | Gilbert AZ

“Expect an enlightening and motivating experience.”

April Lara

Business Assistant | Phoenix AZ

“Amazing, I left feeling like a new person, both professionally and personally!”

Paige Prather

DDS | Nashville TN

“I appreciate the ToPS approach. They provide excellent systems and advice to help teams provide patients with the care they want and deserve.”