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Change happens in one of two ways: Revolution and Evolution. At ToPS, we believe in both—in that order.

Most teams start their journey to the “top” by going through the ToPS Total Immersion experience together to uncover new practice possibilities. Total Immersion is designed to take your team to new heights in:

  1. teamwork, harmony, and accountability
  2. verbal skills for better case acceptance
  3. practice systems for more consistent, predictable results


During this entertaining, information-packed experience for your entire team, you’ll gain:

  • How to reduce the dreaded empty schedule
  • Learn the proven way to prevent cancellations and no-shows
  • The mistakes practices make when presenting treatment plans.
  • The transformative delivery that will change your case acceptance results and get a YES each time.
  • How to set the tone of your morning meetings for a productive start
  • How to get your entire team on the same page and in sync
  • How to retain your patients and gain more patients than ever
  • Creating THE ultimate experience for your patients
  • The 3 letter word that will guarantee happier patients and fewer cancellations
  • The surefire way to increased production and better collections
  • How to make your current team THE dream team
  • and much, much more!
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Here’s what teams have to say about Total Immersion…..

TOPS is truly the best edutainment experience I’ve had. Great information for connecting with patients on a deeper level. I highly recommend TOPS to any practitioner looking to supercharge their patient service skills. - Dr J Barclay

"It's a GREAT team building experience!"

Watch as Zuleyma of The Reno Dentist discusses on her first time experience with Total Immersion

"Wowzza!!! This seminar has impacted my experiences in my work, home and social environments. By rewiring my brain to increase my productivity for others to feel valued in the care I need to provide for them. The experience was fun and enjoyable as well." - S. Hyde

""Total Immersion is WITHOUT a doubt a good investment"

Watch as Dr Coleman discusses why Total Immersion is a good investment for not only his team, but his practice as well.

"This is by far one of the best seminars I have ever been to. Steve and his team are so amazing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your culture with me and our practice! It had a profound impact on me professionally and personally." - C. Webb

"In 45 years it's the BEST seminar I've ever been to..."

Watch as Jeanine of Southwest Nebraska Dental Center discusses why she loves Total Immersion

 In-Person Seminar Dates:

Sept 19-20, 2024

(in-person, 2-day seminar)


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Oct 3-4, 2024

(in-person, 2-day seminar)


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Total Immersion

Online Seminar Dates:

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