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ToPS Webinars

Below are collection of webinars to watch at your leisure. 

Critical Coding and Billing Changes in 2023

Learning Objectives

• 38 insurance coding changes for 2023.

• Are you using the right claim form?

• 2 codes: Now Not valid.

• Revised: 14 codes that have changed.

• Brand new for 2023: 22 codes you’ve never used before!

• New HIPAA requirements: What they are...

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“That’s Too Expensive” – Secrets to overcoming the toughest patient financial objections.

During this webinar, you will discover:

• The secret, common denominator to overcoming financial objections.

• Is it really about the money? How to find out.

• The missing tools that will help overcome your patients’ money concerns.

• Proven verbal skills that will shift...

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Stop Cancellations!

It’s the perfectly scheduled day and then it all falls apart! During this webinar, you will learn the secrets and strategies for helping more of your patients make and keep their commitments including:

• Overcoming the biggest objections to treatment.

• Scheduling mistakes that...

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Why Dental Teams Hear "Yes" More Often


Gather the entire team for an online learning experience that will transform the way you approach your patients for case acceptance success.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Describe consumer preferences in today’s market
  • Recognize specific verbal skills for better patient communication
  • ...
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Hiring Secrets for the 2023 Economy

In one of the most challenging employment markets ever, the recruiting and hiring rules have changed. Discover the secrets for successfully navigating today’s hiring environment from one of the dental industry’s most succesful recruiters, Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy...

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“I Hate Morning Huddles!”

Whether you hate it or love it, there are some essential things you MUST know about your morning meeting. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your practice productivity by supercharging the first 15 minutes of your day!

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