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ToPS Hygiene presents: No MORE Hygiene!

For most patients, and even some hygienists, "hygiene" has become "just cleaning the teeth." It's time to change that perception. Here's how...

Dentists and physicians agree that the condition of oral tissue is a significant barometer of overall health.

While dentists and hygienists recognize the need for thorough periodontal treatment in order to decrease the risk of life-threatening disease, many find it difficult to implement this in an impactful way. And, patients also commonly fail to see the treatment urgency.

No More Hygiene Skills Training will change the way you see and treat periodontal disease as a crucial part of comprehensive healthcare.

Redefine your practice as a cutting edge leader of the oral health community!

Increase Case Acceptance with ToPS Skills

Along with decades of periodontal research and treatment knowledge, No More Hygiene Skills Training provides the key administrative and case acceptance skills needed to succeed:

  • The skills and systems that allow you to overcome diagnosis and treatment obstacles in your practice
  • Strategies to propel your practice to the forefront of dentistry
  • Key verbal skills, and much more

These powerful skills are revolutionizing the way the dental community and patients view periodontal disease, as well as the connection between oral and total body health.

Become a non-surgical periodontal therapist!

Take your skills to the next level and give your patients the benefits of treating disease at the microbiological level.

  • Learn specific treatment modules that target periodontal disease at every stage
  • Discover the role of oral inflammation in systemic disease
  • Get expert help from a ToPS coach to implement non-surgical periodontal therapy in your practice
  • Keep your skills current by attending the annual No More Hygiene update course
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Our ToPS No More Hygiene Faculty

Every No More Hygiene features ToP producing hygienists that share secrets to their success.

No More Hygiene

In-Person Seminar Dates:

October 18-19, 2024

(in-person, 2-day seminar)




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