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Whose Your Team's Coach?


You don’t need a coach…unless you want to win!  


Teams who want to win need a coach—someone who continually and objectively evaluates and adjusts their performance for maximum results.

 Over the past decade, ToPS coaches have helped hundreds of dental teams reach top 10% performance—and stay there–through our proven Total Practice Support Coaching system.

Meet our coaches

Who Wins From ToPS Coaching?

It's simple. You and your team do! 

Consultant vs Coach: There is a BIG difference!

 Total Practice Support Coaching addresses every part of your practice operations, with a focus on 10 key items affecting revenue and growth:

  • New Patient Flow
  • Lead Conversion & Scheduling
  • Re-Appointment
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment Planning
  • Case Acceptance
  • Financial Arrangements Success
  • Reviews & Referrals
  • Cancellations
  • Collections & Accounts Receivable

Optimize your practice and accomplish your growth goals with the personalized guidance of a ToPS coach. Your coach will help you implement our proven systems for each one of these areas, or improve what you already have in place. The top priority is making it doable for you.

ToPS Virtual Coaching

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking advancement in our commitment to your practice's success – the introduction of our cutting-edge and customizable Virtual Coaching Services. Our virtual coaching platform is designed to revolutionize the way dental professionals receive guidance and support, providing a myriad of benefits to enhance your practice. Here are few areas we will assist with your growth: 

  • Unparalleled Accessibility
  • Flexibility for Busy Schedules
  • Enhanced Cost-Efficiency
  • Tailored Coaching for Personalized Growth
  • Real-Time Support and Feedback

To learn more on how ToPS can deliver a complete customized virtual approach for your team contact us today! 



Take a moment to hear from clients regarding the benefits of having a coach in their practice.

From ToP winning teams: 

Don’t take our word for it. Here is what ToPS teams have to say about their performance...

"I strongly recommend contacting Steve Anderson and his TOPS team.  If you want to be focusing on bigger & better things than a few openings in your hygiene schedule.  My TOPS advisor, Chris Toconis who I refer to as my "practice whisperer", has put systems in place to handle the everyday frustrating scenarios that most dental offices struggle with daily.   However, my biggest struggle is keeping up with the demand for services in my practice no longer how to get patients in the chair.  Prior to becoming a TOPS client, I used to struggle daily  with the "small stuff". I now have a very well trained team that just simply handles the "small stuff" for me. A well trained, empowered team is priceless.""

Craig Burrows, DDS

Dentist | Toledo, OH

"You need a TOPS trainer. You cannot afford not to; this is as important as the loan you took out for dental school.Consider it a business expense that will pay the biggest dividends better than any new piece of equipment. Everyone needs a coach - for piano, for sports, this is no different.

Keeps us accountable and answers the questions with real resources and proven strategies. You will get where you want to be much faster and wish you had done it sooner."

Karen Williamson, DDS

Dentist | Rockwall, TX

Is Your Team Ready?  

Winning is a two-way street. It takes the right coach AND a team that is ready and willing to play.  Schedule your free practice growth analysis to determine the key areas of opportunity where you team can win ….Today! 

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