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Stop Cancellations!

Aug 21, 2023

It’s the perfectly scheduled day and then it all falls apart! During this webinar, you will learn the secrets and strategies for helping more of your patients make and keep their commitments including:

• Overcoming the biggest objections to treatment.

• Scheduling mistakes that invite patients to cancel.

• What the doctor may be saying that is creating a cancellation problem.

• “I can’t afford it.” “Will my insurance cover all this?” And more solutions to the toughest patient objections.

• Why “confirmation” calls cause more people to cancel.

• The two secret words that will get more people to keep their appointments.

• E-mail, text, and phone reminders. Which is more effective?

• Should you charge a cancellation fee?

• Each team member’s role in helping patients keep their commitments. And much, much more!