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Darci Wilson

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Darci Wilson

Darci Wilson is an inspiring coach on leadership, culture and growth. She has worked with individual providers up to one of the largest DSO in the United States. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (minor in Marketing) and over a dozen years of experience in the dental industry she is wildly regarded by her clients as a valuable asset.

Her insights have been an intricate part of growth both financially and culturally. Darci’s clients say she gets results while cultivating a positive “can do” attitude. A coach sees your potential and helps you become a better version of yourself and that is exactly what Darci will do for you. With Bell Leadership training focusing on The Achiever Model, Darci behaves with a high degree of the six Core Competencies. As a coaching professional she can support any client with obstacles to experience clarity through utilizing her education, training, and skill set.

What Clients Say About Darci

"Darci my TOPS coach has changed my practice for the better in just a few months time! I took over for a retiring orthodontist that was slowing down patient care and she helped me grow that practice by 149% in the first year. She’s easy to talk to and lovely to work with. She cares about her clients’ success. I highly recommend her!"

"I have worked in the dental front office for three years now. This is the first year that I was lucky enough to get training from Darci. There’s so many good things I can say about her. She is great at what she does. She is personable and tries to get to know each team members. Her being here had helped improved and enhanced our practice. I appreciated her guidance! Thank you Darci for all you do! ❤️" L. Yeh

"I really love top training and I have learned so many good things from them and I got that chance to step out of my comfort zone to learn to new thing be confident when talking to people and it completely changed my thoughts and they gave me the opportunity to see how successful people working and how they're always keeping it in line and the big thing here I'm really grateful to have DARCI from top training be our trainer and she's changed my life. THANK YOU DARCI!!” - E. Do

"Darci did a stellar job training our dental team. I'm definitely going to implement all of her coaching skills into my career. I have never had training like this before, I'm excited and thrilled to start using the skills she taught me." - M. Pierce

"I was a little skeptical at first regarding a dental business consultant. I am a daughter of a small business owner and my parents never had a need for a consultant, they did it all by their own hard work. I truly believed I could do the same. However, Darci really opened my eyes to not necessarily what we were doing wrong, but how we could do it better. She took me out of my comfort zone and there was absolutely no regrets. Our office is absolutely in a better place because of her guidance." - L. Hwang

"Darci was the best coach! Im a hygienist at my dental office and struggled with communication with patients. Darci helped me tremendously and helped things click. Now i feel comfortable and confident. I highly recommend using TOPS coaching to elevate your practice!" - A. Henriquez