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Darci Wilson

ToPS Coach

Darci Wilson

Darci Wilson is an inspiring coach on leadership, culture and growth. She has worked with individual providers up to one of the largest DSO in the United States. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (minor in Marketing) and over a dozen years of experience in the dental industry she is wildly regarded by her clients as a valuable asset.

Her insights have been an intricate part of growth both financially and culturally. Darci’s clients say she gets results while cultivating a positive “can do” attitude. A coach sees your potential and helps you become a better version of yourself and that is exactly what Darci will do for you. With Bell Leadership training focusing on The Achiever Model, Darci behaves with a high degree of the six Core Competencies. As a coaching professional she can support any client with obstacles to experience clarity through utilizing her education, training, and skill set.

What Clients Say About Darci

“Darci quickly connects with team members and greatly aids the influencing and decision process in helping patients choose and accept the appropriate treatment plans. She’s skilled in connecting with team members and guides and works with them to make treatment go from ‘presented’ to ‘accepted’. Darci motivates team members. She is always on time and upbeat. She is always willing to step in and lend a hand in any capacity that she can. Her focus is on making the day productive and smooth. What I respect about Darci is her ability to communicate effectively with doctors. She’s never shy about giving advice or guidance but in the most respectful manner. Some shy away from confronting or addressing a doctor but she is able to do it easily but in a non-confrontational and effective manner.”  - Dr. Mike Munilla, Southlake TX

“Darci played a vital role in the success of the office by having good patient relations and holding the team together as one. From organizing steady-flow schedules to holding regular staff meetings, she left no stone unturned to establish a consistent smooth flow at the office. Ms. Darci is an absolutely amazing team player and did a phenomenal job in keeping the staff motivated to achieve success every single day.”  - Dr. G. Aurora, Fort Worth TX

We met Ms. Darci Wilson at our ToPS Total Immersion in Fort Worth, Texas the Fall 2022. As a result of her quarterly on site coaching, and monthly virtual training calls, we have grown in personal, professional and financial ways.

Overall our business has increased by 10% in collections and 20% in production. The team got back into the community and participated in community events. Our Google reviews are up 300%, and our business was able to add and sustain another hygienist. So much more to add, and yet none of this would be made possible if it wasn't for Darci. - Cornerstone Dental

“I live in the DFW area with my husband and two teenage kids. When I’m not with my family or supporting our amazing ToPS clients, I enjoy hiking, camping, stand-up paddlesboarding, as well as being outside in nature. On the weekends I volunteer time hiking for a nonprofit women’s group and walking foster dogs from Fort Worth Animal Control.”

Image 1 Above:  “The Wilsons: My husband Jason, my son Troy, my daughter Taylor and our four legged kiddos (Hobbs, Drexal, and GiGi).”

Image 2 Above:  “There are 423 national parks in the United States of America and my biggest dream (and a goal I am slowly conquering) is to be able to visit all of them. My most recent national park adventure was Yellowstone National Park and I had the pleasure of seeing Old Faithful go off.”

Image 3 Above:  “I love a good Chicago Style Hot Dog!”

Image 4 Above:  “My love for nature! I hike every weekend. In fact, I hiked over 1200 miles in 2021. In this particular picture my soul found its way to the Redwood National Park to roam some miles.”

Image 5 Above:  “Beating the sun as it was rising on the Enchanted Rock (state park in Austin, TX) with my most favorite people, my family!”