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Desiree McAuley

Project Director & Executive Assistant to Pam Peterson, President

Desiree McAuley

Desiree began her career in dentistry nearly 20 years ago. In 2005 she found herself working in a ToPS supported practice and fell in love with the culture, unique patient communication style, and that the theory of communication was just as applicable at home.

Beginning as the first contact with patients on the phone; greeting them as they arrived, Desiree learned scheduling, insurance verification, submission, and financial presentation, how to foster a healthy team, bottom line, and train on ToPS skills!

Desiree is excited to have the opportunity to serve her life mentor, Pam Peterson and create projects that enhance the ToPS Institute while having the ability to work with the greatest of dental teams in the country.

She was born and raised in Fort Worth and holds degrees in Psychology, Learning and Development from The University of Texas at Dallas. She resides in Plano, Texas with her husband, David, their young children, Hudson and Amelia and Betsy, their Mini Aussie Shepherd.

With a passion for reading and traveling, Desiree is experiencing an exciting new world through the eyes of her children and exploring life’s adventures with her husband.

Image 1 Above:  Desiree and her husband, David were married in 2016 on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Image 2 Above:  Off-roading in the Jeep looks more like mall crawling these days. Family park adventure!

Image 3 Above:  Desiree and her daughter Amelia; busy at work!

Image 4 Above:  Desiree and her son, Hudson at his very first kids birthday party at chuck e cheese.

Image 5:  Desiree and her husband, David on an off-roading adventure while on their Honeymoon.