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Kimberlee Blocker


Kimberlee Blocker

Kimberlee is the Marketing Director for ToPS and has been recognized for creating engaging, fun and educational content on various media platforms. She feels like there is a solution to any marketing challenge and that marketing is truly the heart of any organization.

Kimberlee takes pride in capturing a story with a simple photo. Her primary goal is to continue to foster and build relationships between ToPS Institute and the dental community. Because, “together we are better!”

Fun facts about Kimberlee are that during her time with iHeart Media Raleigh she gained a strong knowledge of radio production, content creation and interviewed various celebrities (Comedian Damon Wayans being her absolute favorite). She also has a background in TV production from working on the Maury Povich show as production assistant.

Kimberlee holds a degree in Communication from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. She grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but is currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina. She loves traveling, West African Dance, media production and her precious 5lb yorkie poo, Mason.