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Pam Peterson

President & Chief Executive Officer

Pam Peterson

Pam has over 25 years of sales, management, and dental consulting experience.

As the CEO and President of Total Patient Service, Pam is responsible for directing the activities of a large group of professional consultants and a client support team that advises and coaches dental practices all over the country. In addition, she provides executive coaching for the company’s partnership offices to ensure that everything the consulting team recommends works and produce results.

Pam has extensive training in leadership and development of people in both private practice setting and large dental service organizations. Pam was recognized as a top 6% executive achiever compared to other leaders in a database of 25,000+ by Bell Leadership Inst. Those who work with Pam say that she is one of the most engaging, results oriented and caring leaders they have ever worked with and that her standards are high. They say she helps people perform at their very best.

One of Pam’s favorite bodies of work is being a volunteer and faculty member for over a decade with Eagle U, a nonprofit foundation that provides success education for high school and college students. Pam has spoken at many events on personal accountability, leading a team, effective communication, professional image, etiquette and creating a sustainable culture in the workplace.

In addition to her dental experience, she was ranked as one of the top salespeople for one of the largest retail diamond distributors in the country. Pam has a strong appreciation for growth and has been member of Entrepreneurs Organization of 15,000 + like-minded leaders across 60 countries.

Pam and her husband, Press, live in Dallas with their adopted dog “Leon.”

Image 1 Above:  “Press and I at Christmas celebration.”

Image 2 Above:  “I enjoyed speaking at the Crown Council annual event about ‘Dressing for Success.’”

Image 3 Above:  “With my Eagle University friends!”

Image 4 Above:  “Smiles For Life - Dominican Republic with Dr. Jen Derse.”

Image 5 Above:  “With my Eagle University friends!”