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Susan Pruitt

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Susan Pruitt

Susan Pruitt graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and also holds a masters degree in education. After more than 10 rewarding years of teaching she started following a new passion focused around marketing and sales.

She has successfully launched and worked for several companies in both direct sales and marketing positions. She served on a national round table and won national awards for sales. Her success in sales and focus on marketing brought her to Total Patient Service (ToPS).

She worked doing community marketing for dental practices in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. She currently works with ToPS helping practices all across the country to find the best place to begin from team training to building practices to be more productive, more efficient and more profitable. Susan has the ability to listen to what doctors want for his or her practice and partner them with a Practice Advisor to execute a plan.

Susan actively serves her community by holding leadership positions in various charity organizations within Southlake, TX. Susan has been married to William for 30 years and they have two beautiful daughters. When she isn’t with her family or supporting ToPS clients, Susan enjoys cooking, decorating, walking and training their golden doodle Mia to be a service dog.