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Tanya Bailey

ToPS Coach

Tanya Bailey

Just put Tanya Bailey in front of a dental patient and watch the magic happen! Whether it is scheduling a first-time patient, working out the details of a large treatment plan, finding financial arrangements that will work for the patient, or filling the schedule, Tanya knows how to help patients say “yes”.

Doing it and teaching other teams how to do it, however, are two different things. Tanya has the proven ability to organize, explain, model, coach, and support teams to implement ToPS skills to get the best results every day with patients. She doesn’t tell teams what to do, she does it live with their patients so they can see exactly how it works in their environment with their own patients.

Her passion is to help doctors and teams grow together, enjoy dentistry even more, and get the results they want.

In addition to her dental experience, Tanya has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, is a past Certified Dentrix Trainer, and has had years of direct sales experience. In 2009, the Crown Council named her “Administrative Team Member of the Year.”

“If you want a motivated team that is driven to achieve excellence, I am here to help make that happen. Having a ‘never say never’ attitude is one of the keys to team and personal success. If you are committed to taking the next step toward your picture of success, then I am here to help you make it happen!”

What Clients Have to Say About Tanya:

“ After two years of exhaustive searching, we found ToPS, who gifted us with Tanya. She is a true expert in her field, decisive in the face of confusion, and knowledgeable in the face of ignorance. I simply can’t praise her enough.”  - Kent Smith DDS, Frisco TX

“ToPS and my amazing practice adviser Tanya B. have helped my practice achieve and break many goals. They have helped us grow, become more productive and profitable and have put wonderful systems in place. Most importantly they have helped us create and maintain a positive practice culture, where our team wants to grow and improve and our patients have a wonderful and consistent experience.”  - Craig Rothenberg DDS, Derry NH

“Tanya has been a sigh of relief.  My team is always excited to see her.  She has a lot of knowledge and shares it in a very non- threatening way.  Tanya is someone that you wished worked in your office full time so you are grateful to have her for her advice and wisdom.”  - Mitch Conditt,DDS, Fort Worth TX

“This practice has not been the same since the day Tanya walked into our lives as our practice coach. I want us to be the best in the world and realized long ago I can’t, we can’t do it without Tanya. I am so grateful for Tanya!”  - Jeff Roy DDS, Irving TX

Image 1 Above:  “Mike and I on a Royal Carribean cruise—one of our favorite types of vacations.”

Image 2 Above:  “The absolute best thing in life is grandkids. I have so many pictures with them it was hard to choose. This one is Mike and I with them at the Dallas Arboretum. We have memberships there, the Dallas Zoo, the Tyler Zoo and we love taking the kiddos. We spend as much time on the weekends with them as we can and are so grateful they live less than a mile away from us.”

Image 3 Above:  “Another cruising picture of us.”

Image 4 Above:  “Sweet Eden and Landon—my awesome grandkids.”

Image 5 Above:  “Mike and I again doing what we love most—traveling. This is in Mexico where we discovered a new love... all inclusive, since cruising was on pause.”